Spin pong, BBQ branding iron and butterfly bottle opener

We're always adding new products here at Gadget Inspector, and so we thought it was high time for a quick round-up. Here are three of the newest and awesome-est additions to the Gadget Inspector catalogue:

Spin Pong: Spinning Beer Pong Rack

Spin Pong

If you're a seasoned beer pong player and the sport has sort of lost its challenge, why not up the ante a little bit? This spinning beer pong rack will make it even more difficult to get your ball where it needs to be!


Branded BBQ burger

BBQ Branding Iron

Brand your burgers and label your lamb chops with this customisable branding iron! It comes with 52 letter tiles, so you can spell out anything you fancy and singe it onto your steaks.


Butterfly bottle opener

Butterfly Bottle Opener

Ever used a butterfly knife, where the blade is concealed within the handles? Well this is a butterfly bottle opener - same principle, but it opens bottles. Great for doing tricks while you tend the bar!

Time is an unforgiving mistress. It feels like summer only just started, and now here we are with a mere fortnight or so separating us from September.

Yessiree, summer 2014 has well and truly flown by. It's not over yet, of course, but we're already halfway through August, and before you know it, the leaves will be off the trees and we'll all be swapping our flip-flops for big winter boots.

So when does summer officially end?

September 23 is the closest thing we've got to an 'official' date - that's the day of the autumnal equinox, so that's arguably when summer truly ends and autumn begins in earnest. However, different people will tell you different things - some will say that summer is over on the 1st of September, while particularly desperate people may argue that summer goes on until the clocks go back on October 26!

Still, if we take the aforementioned equinox as our 'End of Summer' date, that leaves us with 39 days to go. Yes, it sounds like a lot, but those five-and-a-half weeks are guaranteed to zip by just as quickly as the rest of summer has.

With that in mind, here are 3 awesome ways to make the most of Summer '14 (or what's left of it, anyway):

1. Have a BBQ!

Summer ain't summer until you've had yourself a barbecue. If you haven't fired up the grill yet, now's the time - don't forget your guitar-shaped BBQ tongs!


Sandy beach

2. Go to the beach!

The British beaches won't be much fun once autumn arrives, so go and get some sand in your shoes while there's still some sunshine to be had. We've got a couple of great beach towels that you can take along with you.


3. Hang out at the park with your friends!

If you're lucky enough to have a couple of nice green spaces in your town, failing to make use of them before September 23 would represent a tragic waste on your part. Grab your friends, grab your Chill Out Wedge, and go enjoy Mr Sun before he heads off on his winter holidays!

Wednesday gets kind of a bad rap, y'know? Everybody calls it 'Hump Day' because it's slap-bang in the middle of the week; once you're past 'Hump Day', you're freewheeling downhill into the tender embrace of the weekend.

But frankly, we've always found Thursday to be far more hump-like than Wednesday. When you wake up on Wednesday, you think, "Oh, wow, it's Wednesday already!" When you wake up on Thursday, you just want to know why it isn't Friday yet. Wednesday feels like progress; Thursday feels like a delay.

Still, no matter which day you call Hump Day, there's never any harm in a bit of forward planning. If the weekend starts at 5pm on Friday, then the weekend is barely two days away, and so now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you're going to spend it.

Here are some suggestions...

3 Things You'll Need This Weekend

1. American-Style Beer Pong Set

2. Bongzilla (6 Man Beer Bong)

3. Test Tube Shots

There are plenty of other amazing weekend essentials in our Party & Drinking section!

Did you love Pixar's Cars? Then you'll love Disney's Planes! Join Dusty Crophopper as he takes to the skies-

What's that? You've already seen Planes? Oh, well, perhaps you'll be interested in its sequel, which is released in the UK this Friday!

Here's the trailer for Planes: Fire & Rescue:

Yeah, we're super-psyched as well. Now, while you sit back and wait for the the film reel to arrive at your local cinema, why not check out this fella:

That is the Inflatable RC Dusty Crophopper toy, and it's available right here at Gadget Inspector! Dusty can perform 360o spins, steer in all directions, and inflate in seconds - he's the ultimate RC toy!

Oh, and due to our ongoing Remote Control Megasale, the Dusty Crophopper toy is £10 cheaper than usual! The RRP is £39.99, but if you buy your Dusty today, you'll only pay £29.99!*

So what are you waiting for? Order your Dusty Crophopper now and get ready for the family movie of the summer!

*Not including delivery.