If you've had a really tough week already and can't wait until Friday to indulge in a beautiful bottle of wine, worry not because today is Wine Wednesday!

To celebrate this great and magnificent day, we have listed our 5 essential wine products that every wannabe wine connoisseur needs:

L'Grand Conundrum: Wine Aerator Decanter 
Just £34.99 

Want to pour your wine in the poshest way possible? Then you need our L'Grand Condundrum Wine Aerator Decanter. This beautiful and majestic decanter will surely impress all your guests! If you know your wine then you will notice that wine poured from this decanter smells and tastes better! And if you don't, don't worry - you'll still look pretty fancy when pouring it. 

Just £39.99 

Why serve only one type of wine? Everyone has different tastes, and this Wine Flight  set allows you to cater to everyone with ease. This set includes three miniature decanters and a slate serving tray which makes it the perfect way to cater to your guests' different tastes...or, if you're drinking alone, this set allows you to have three different wines at once!  


Turbulence Wine Glasses (350ml, 2 Pack) 
Just £18.99 

Want to really impress your guests? In that case, you need these Turbulence crystal wine glasses. With a curved design that's been specifically created to emphasise the sensual qualities of your wine (which, in plain English, makes it taste a lot nicer), these glasses will make your cupboard a lot more fancy! 

Ice Cooler: The Wine Bucket That's Made of Ice! 
Just £24.99! 

Wine tastes better when chilled, and this amazing Ice Cooler will allow you to chill your wine more effectively than ever before. The Ice Cooler is an amazing gadget that allows you to make wine buckets out of solid ice! The mould is 15cm tall (allowing it to fit in most standard freezer drawers). Your wine will never have to go warm again! 

Bar Amigos Set of 3 Cleaning Brushes 
just £14.99! 

Glasses come in all different shapes and sizes: you've got wine glasses, pint glasses, decanters, and numerous other vessels, all with different shapes! This means that they can be incredibly difficult to clean, but worry not - with this set of 3 cleaning brushes, cleaning wine glasses will be a breeze! You'll wonder how on Earth you kept your glasses clean before!

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