We are about halfway through our weekly competition, and though we've had a good response we think this one has still got some distance to go. The prize this week is an iConheli remote control helicopter! It's a pretty great prize that would entertain people of all ages - plus, all you need to do is follow our twitter page and retweet the said tweet to enter. It really is that simple!

Our helicopter competition is going to take some beating, the iConheli is a great bit of kit and perfect for all you gadget lovers. The iConheli is unlike your standard remote control helicopter as it is controlled by your iPhone (or other Apple device). The iConheli is sturdy but lightweight - this makes it really easy to pilot and gives it thrilling manoeuvrability! Gadget inspector loves their flying gadgets, and we think this helicopter competition is one of our best.

You only have until Friday at 1pm to enter so you haven't got too long left. From a few clicks on twitter you could have this stunning black helicopter at your disposal! We hope our helicopter competition really takes off, and that you're there for the journey.

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