Once you go red, you'll wish you were dead.

Is there any sight more feared in the modern world?

1) iPhones choose the worst moments to die.

In the middle of an important conversation? On the brink of conquering that one really difficult level on Two Dots? Halfway through a juicy text to your BFF? Not any more - your battery just ran out!


2) You can never find your charger when you need it...

"Okay, it's not in that drawer either...maybe I left it in work?"


3) ...and if you do find it, you'll have to untangle it from a mass of other cables.

Remember: frustrated tugging just makes it worse.


4) Untangled your charger? Well done! But there are no spare plug sockets - what will you unplug to make room?

"Okay...I can't unplug the internet, or the phone...I'm gonna watch TV while my phone charges, so that needs to stay...I could unplug the toaster, but what if I suddenly start craving Pop Tarts?"


5) Once you've plugged your phone in, you have to wait a few minutes for it to turn on again.

And it feels like an eternity.


6) And that's when it starts - that horrible sense of existential hopelessness that sets in when you can't use your phone.

*muffled sobbing*


7) Even when your phone does come back to life, you have to sit right next to the outlet if you want to use it.

You might as well be cuffed to the radiator. This is the 21st century, dammit - why can't Apple give us a cable that's longer than a few inches?!


8) Of course, you could unplug it...but if you do that, you'll be out of battery again within a few minutes.

And then you'll be right back to square one.


9) Having gone a short while without your iPhone, you'll now have ten billion notifications to wade through...

And you'll have no peace of mind until you've read every. Single. One.


10) ...or, worse still, you'll have zero notifications to wade through.

And you'll wonder why you even bother.


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