Apple users will have upgraded to the new operating system iOS7 last week. The snazzy update with its bold colours, swooshing screens and finger flicking movements hasn’t quite managed to capture the hearts of everyone, with many stating that the software resembles a child’s drawing. Having said this, whether you love it or hate it, it’s undeniable that the software has given your products a new lease of life. What better way to celebrate your apple personality transplant than rewarding it with a cheeky facelift? Get your mitts on one of our amazing offers here…

Protect your iPad with one of our glorious iBallz Shock Absorbing Harnesses [no longer available]. These balls of fun which slot over the corners are made from rubber, elevating your tablet to avoid spillages and absorbing shock – perfect if you’re a tad clumsy! Choose from classic black, steel grey, neon pink and vibrant teal.

Treat yourself and kick it old-school with the Arcadie for iPhone [no longer available]. The iPhone component for retro gaming, all you need to do is download an app, slide your device into back of the mini arcade unit and get ready for some serious gaming. The following arcadie games are available from the app store: 

  • arcadie Blasteroids
  • arcadie Alien Invaders
  • arcadie Defender
  • arcadie CLASSICS - Ping
  • arcadie CLASSICS - Stacker
  • arcadie CLASSICS - Invaders 

If you figuratively place your mobile on a pedestal, then The Wedge is the perfect product for you to show it how much you really care. Acting as a sort of bean bag for phones (only the best for Apple), this brightly coloured triangle is the ideal prop for your phone – perfect for watching TV or movies on your phone, FaceTime or for those times you just don’t want to pick up your handset. Available in grey, pink, black, blue and red at a discounted price of just £4.99!

With these sensational offers you really don’t have an excuse not to treat yourself, and your phone!

We have some really cool gadgets that are sure to make excellent gifts for gizmo-lovers, or even yourselves! Everybody loves cool gadgets, and we are constantly scanning the markets to make sure our range is fresh!

Take this fine 50 calibre shot glass as an example. Cool gadgets like this heavyweight shot glass definitely have something pretty neat about them - just imagine handing out 50 calibre bullets replicas filled with your favourite tipple, that's one way to make sure your night goes off with a bang!

Each shot glass also comes with its own bullet chamber-style stand to stop it tipping over, though we cannot promise you'll stay as upright! Made from resistant borosilicate glass these bullet shots are extremely tough - this means that your shot glass should hold up no matter how hazardous conditions get!

This is just one of a whole website full of glorious gadgets. If you enjoy gizmos and products with the 'woah' factor give our website a browse. We have a range to whet the appetite of any gadget-lover, or anyone who enjoys items that little bit special.

We stumbled across this video earlier and it reminded us on how awesome our Micro Drone quadcopter helicopters are:



This awesome display by 30 quadcopters was the work of Ars Electronia as they lit up the skies of London to celebrate the release of the new Star Trek film. They marked out a giant Star Trek insignia 300 feet tall at a height of 118 to 426 feet above the capital. It got us here at Gadget Inspector thinking just how impressive our quadcopter is and how far reaching its capabilities are.

Our Micro drone Quadcopter pushes the boundaries of what is physcially possible with remote control flying. It has 4 rotary blades, a self stabalising system, gyro-control and an amazing range of 120 metres. It is these kind of features that helped it achieve a stunt like this and it is these features that can provide you with endless flying possiblities. 

This is literally the most sophisticated flying machine on the market and can even peform 360 degree flips at the push of a button. At this very moment our quadcopter is on special offer so there has never been a better time to take to the skies and play with the laws of physics.

Are you one for practical jokes? Of course you are, you little tyke.

Whether it’s an elaborate, expensive prank on the telly like Punk’d, or a sensationally simple jape involving a stapler and a pack of jelly, there’s no getting away from the fact that the practical joke is a long-famous tradition for those males (and females) who like nothing better than to fool their friends. And at Gadget Inspector, we’re here to help you give your friends and family the perfect shock.

If you’re looking for a small but hugely effective prank, you’ll agree that there’s nothing quite so sensational as a short, sharp electric shock – which is why our shock accessories are so popular. Make your victim feel for a split second like Tim Murphy when the electric fence is turned on in Jurassic Park. These shocking implements give a nasty but completely harmless burst of electric current into your friends’ unsuspecting extremities. 

There’s a torch that shocks when you press the wrong button; a car key that’s deceptively similar to an Audi fob; a cigarette lighter [no longer available] that could prove a useful weapon against smoking and maybe best of all, a pen that shoots an electric current whenever you try to write with it. With these range of accessories, you’ll doubtless have the tools to satisfactorily surprise your friends. Mwahahahahahahahaha!

Proper personalised iPhone fun!

iPhones are all over the place nowadays, so if you want yours to stand out from the crowd then you might want to give it a bit of a makeover! You'll find loads of great ways to customise your iPhone here at Gadget Inspector, so if you want to put a bit of your personality into your go-to gadget, look no further. Your perfect personalised iPhone is only a click away!

Our iPhone accessories are all brilliantly original. A personalised iPhone should reflect your personality: the young at heart will love this Magic Drawing iPhone Case (perfect for idle doodling when you should be working), while photography with their iPhone clad in this vintage-looking Camera Case.

But if you want a properly personalised iPhone, you need to check out our Printable iPhone Skins. They allow you to design and print your very own personalised iPhone skin, which means that you can customise your iPhone with your favourite photo or a cool design you found online. The design software is easy to use, the skins don't leave any residue behind when you remove them, and you can even create a wallpaper for your iPhone that matches the skin you've created! If you really want to customise your iPhone, this is the way to do it - you can do literally anything you like with it!

Gadget Inspector's iPhone accessories range is the perfect way to create a personalised iPhone that's truly unique. Customise your iPhone today, and put a piece of yourself into your gadgetry!