We've just landed a load of cool rc toys which you can find in our remote control section. The new rc gadgets include an rc porsche, a fantastic looking rc Audi TT, and a Mercedes SLK Coupe

Pac-Man is the world's most recognisable video game character and is now over 30 years old, so it comes with great retro appeal today. We bring you the Pac-Man shaped bottle opener. This officially licensed Pac-Man product is undoubtedly the coolest bottle opener around, with its distinctive shape, yellow body, black eyes and open mouth.

Two small magnets incorporated onto the back of the bottle opener allow him to be attached conveniently to your fridge door and this also means bottle tops stick to the magnets once opened rather than falling to the floor.

The Pac-Man Bottle Opener makes a great gift for anyone with fond memories of this classic arcade game and is a guaranteed conversation starter.

This unique, fun, wacky but stylish Voodoo II Knife Block is the ultimate kitchen accessory you will ever find. Stylishly crafted in high quality ABS, the Voodoo II Knife Block is sure to be the talking point in any kitchen!


Hey if your mates have ever played an evil prank on you then this is the perfect time to get some revenge with an awesome water cannon, it will absolutely drench them! Another name for it is 'the saturator' so you get the picture!

The water cannon contains a 160cc magazine and blasts water, at 4 blasts per second, up to an amazing 6 metres away. The water cannon also displays flashing lights and makes gun fire sounds, so your mates will get fair warning before their soaking :)


If you love call of duty and battlefield then your going to love the range of novetly army kitchen products we have in stock like the grenade mug or egg-splosions. Just have a look