Is there anyone left in the Western world that hasn't played Angry Birds yet? Since the game's release in December '09, these furious feathered folk have become the smash hit sensation of the iPhone generation. They're inescapable, those Angry Birds - they've been turned into cuddly toys, speakers, toy cars, and even a range of soft drinks.

But the Angry Birds toys that have just crash-landed at Gadget Inspector are easily the best of the bunch. The latest addition to our Air Swimmers range, the remote control Angry Birds toys allow you to steer your own raging red robin through the sky, bringing the million-selling game straight into the real world!

They're great fun to just fly around, but if you really want to get the most out of the Angry Birds toys, here's what to do. Get some makeshift building materials - sofa cushions, planks of wood, whatever you can find - and build a precariously-balanced fortress in your living room. Then, grab your Angry Birds Air Swimmer and set a course straight for the castle you've constructed! You probably won't be able to find any greedy green pigs to terrorise with your antics, but there's still plenty of fun to be had with Gadget Inspector's Angry Birds toys. You can choose from the classic red Angry Birds Air Swimmer or have some futuristic fun with the amazing astro-avian that is the Angry Birds Space Air Swimmer; either one will provide you with hours of enjoyment. So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!

Yet more new gadgets have been added to our range!

Gadget Inspector has always been the best gadget website around, and we're getting better every day! We added a fistful of fabulous new gadgets to the site just this morning, so if you're looking to get your Christmas shopping started promptly, here are a few ideas for you. This gadget website has a present for everyone!

No good gadget website can afford to ignore the ubiquitous presence of the iPhone in modern life, so we at Gadget Inspector do everything we can to top up our range of iPhone Accessories with some new gadgets every so often. The latest addition is Arcadie [no longer available], the iPhone accessory that turns your device into a retro arcade video game machine! Perfect for gadgety gamers who want to take it back to the old school.

Elsewhere on our gadget website, you'll find all kinds of other new gadgets, including a DIY Calculator that you can doodle on, a pair of Oven Gloves [no longer available] that look like baseball mitts, and a set of Emergency Coasters that will protect your table from emergencies of all kinds, as long as those emergencies are related to stains caused by un-coasted driinks. Gadget Inspector really is the best gadget website on the net, and if none of these gadgets take your fancy, check back in a couple of days - we'll have even more new gadgets for you to choose from!

We’ve added yet another fabulous item to our gadget website, and this time it’s the Ultimate Beer Pong Set. It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like – if you want to play beer pong, this handy kit contains pretty much everything you’ll need! That means two balls, two beer pong pitches, and no less than fourteen cups to hold the beer and, if your aim’s any good, those ping-pong balls.

If you’ve never played beer pong before, you’ll probably want a bit of an introduction before you invest in a beer pong set. So here we go: beer pong was invented in 1872, a decade or so before anyone had heard of ping-pong, by an Englishman named Eustace Pong. Pong came up with the game when, in the middle of his evening pint, his glass eye fell out of its socket and landed in his beer. Fortunately, he decided not to use glass eyes in the game; in fact, the earliest beer pong set used pine cones in place of balls. Experts also agree that back in the 19th century, the game would only have been played by members of the royal family and other wealthy aristocrats, as nobody else back then could afford cups. A far cry from the modern game, we’re sure you’ll agree – beer pong is now a fixture of parties the world over, and no matter where you go on a weekend, you’re likely to find a bunch of people digging out the beer pong set and attempting to get their balls into each other’s drinks.

That’s pretty much all you need to know, so grab yourself a beer pong set today and get practicing. Before you know it, you’ll be competing in the beer pong world series, and no we haven’t made that up. Unlike the rest of this blog post.  


Halloween may be done and dusted, but that doesn’t mean the fancy dress fun has to go into hibernation! Any time is the right time for a fancy dress party, so don’t put the padlock on your costume cupboard just yet – you never know when you might need a cool costume to wear.

As you know, the Gadget Inspector website is bursting at the seams with fancy dress fun, and we’re adding more cool costumes all the time. Check out this handsome Han Solo Costume - it’s perfect for lovable rogues who have a few evil empires to take on! Or, if you want something a little more current, try this Rick Grimes Costume. If you’re addicted to The Walking Dead, that zombie-riffic series that’s taken the world by storm, Rick Grimes is the perfect way to show your appreciation while having a heap of fancy dress fun at the same time.

And don’t worry, kids, because we haven’t forgotten about you. This brilliant Ben 10 Costume will have you looking just like the star of everyone’s favourite cartoon about a young boy who finds a magical space-watch that turns him into cool aliens with awesome powers. The watch that comes with the costume won’t give you this ability, but hey, Gadget Inspector can’t do everything. Just most things. If you’re in the market for some fancy dress fun, head on over to our Clothing & Costumes section now and see who you can become!

Does your job bore you to tears? Perhaps a couple of cool desk gadgets would make those long working days a little more bearable! We’re all about distractions here at Gadget Inspector, and if you’ve got nothing play, fiddle and fidget with when you’re supposed to be doing something productive, boy can we help. We’ve got all kinds of desk gadgets and fun little toys to keep your idle hands occupied, so we hope your boss won’t mind a big dip in your productivity over the next few weeks...

Brand new to Gadget Inspector is the awesomely Pinart 3D Image. You’ve probably seen these delicious desk gadgets before; they’re basically a screen of small pins into which you press objects or body parts to create a 3D relief image to proudly display on your desk. Hands and faces are popular choices – pressing your palms into that screen of sliding pins is a lovely sensation. Just try to resist it!

Elsewhere in our range of desk gadgets you’ll find the equally brand new Newton’s Cradle, where science meets style in a clattering collision of procrastination. The sound of those little silver balls clacking against each other can be surprisingly compelling, so grab one today and put Newton’s Laws of Motion to the test! Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, don’t cha know, and sure enough, the number of balls you lift up to start the reaction will be equal to the number of spheres that gets knocked away from the row on the other side. One ball knocks one ball away, two balls knock away two, and so on. Who knew desk gadgets could be so educational?