Today is finally the day that Planes comes out on DVD! If you are a big fan of the film, you will definitely be a big fan of the RC Dusty Crophopper Inflatable. Recreate your very own Planes, with this inflatable remote control Dusty! If you haven't seen the film yet, you can watch the trailer here. It is definitely one to watch, we absolutely love it here at Gadget Inspector! 



The RC Dusty Crophopper Inflatable would be a great Christmas present for all ages! What are you waiting for? Get yours now! 

Anyone that works in an office environment knows that things can get a little dull some days. Being sat staring at the same four walls is inevitably going to get a little boring. So, we have the best gadgets for your desktop to brighten up those dull days! The Clockwatchers - Desktop Basketball is an excellent addition to the desktop at your office! This little gadget will create some much needed fun during your breaks, see if you can get some slam dunks! Or perhaps the Mini Executive Table Tennis would be more appropriate. Get loads of work mates involved on your lunch break, and have a little tournament! This mini set comes with a net, two bats and two balls so is perfect for a bit of de-stressing at lunch times!

Christmas stocking fillers can be such a chore to pick, and a great deal of effort when you have to buy a million other gifts for a million different people. To save you guys the hassle, we have compiled our very own Christmas stockings to negate the problem of picking what to put in each stocking! The one we are focusing on today is the Dad Christmas Stocking. If you want to get your dad something special, and ensure that he loves it then this is the stocking for him! This red and white stocking is packed with gadgets that any dad will just love! The stocking includes:

  • Red Santa Stocking
  • Comfort Rules Back Scratcher
  • Rock Glass and Ice Ball
  • Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
  • Stromtrooper Mints
  • Rock Twister Lollipop

Sounds great right? Your Dad is sure to love this amazing Christmas stocking, this will definitely be a favourite present for him on Christmas day! Why not check out our whole range of Christmas Stockings, there is something for everyone. 

You may well already know, here at Gadget Inspector, we have recently brought into stock some amazing inflatable remote control devices! These being the Inflatable Remote Control Lightning McQueen - Pump and Play [no longer available], the Disney Plane Inflatable Remote Control Dusty - Pump and Play and the Remote Control Inflatable Despicable Me Minion Dave - Pump and Play. So, to celebrate the fact that we have these awesome inflatable remote control gadgets, we carried out a series of Gadget Inspector Races, the ultimate race to find out which inflatable is the fastest. 

Round 1 

In the first heat, we raced Lightning Mcqueen and Dusty Crophopper! Things got rather competitive and tense, but in the end Dusty Crophopper managed to get ahead of Lightning Mcqueen and won! 

Round 2

In the next round we raced R2D2 against the Despicable Me Minion. The Remote Control Inflatable R2D2 Star Wars Pump and Play is another inflatable device that we have in stock, and has always been a very popular gadget! Who doesn't love Star Wars or R2D2? Anyway, back to the races, it was a tough race as the two competitiors are similar in size and height! However, the Despicable Me Minion did not disappoint, and powered through to take the title! 

Round 3 

Our final race was therefore between The Despicable Me Minion, and Dusty Crophopper! It was tough and everyone here at Gadget Inspector was on on tender hooks as we eagerly watched to see who would cross the finish line first! The Despicable Me Minion lost his nerve, and Dusty Crophopper took the lead and managed to win the Gadget Inspector races! 

The Inflatable Remote Control devices really do make great Christmas presents, for people of all ages! You can see how much fun they are to play with from the videos, everyone here at Gadget Inspector loved bringing out their compeititve sides! Send us your inflatbale races and let us know who wins, we would love to hear from you! 

Smartphones can be difficult to use, especially when the touch screen icons are so small, and you're all fingers and thumbs! With the App Writer Touch Screen Stylus, using your touch screen smartphone becomes a lot easier. This nifty little gadget enables you to have faster gaming, easy messaging and better drawing! The App Writer plugs into your headphone socket, and is attached on an elastic cord, so it is so easy to use! It also includes a precision touch stylus tip, and it really is precise allowing you to press any button you wish! We have lots of different designs for you to choose from, so however you want to portray your personality, you can!

At just £4.49, this is an absolute bargain and a great idea for Christmas stocking fillers! So what are you waiting for? You'll never mistype anything ever again, and you'll be completing all of your games with ease now that you have the App Writer!