It's summertime, and we at Gadget Inspector have got all sorts of fun stuff to keep you occupied, whatever the weather!

You'll find loads of fun summer activities in our Toys & Games section, including a massive range of wickedly powerful water guns. Invite your friends over and get each other soaking wet in a no-holds-barred water fight! Still, if you'd prefer to stay dry, we offer a whole host of other outdoor toys: skateboards, stomp rockets, and all kinds of other things to help you enjoy the sunshine.

But don't worry if the weather is miserable and you want to stay in the house. We know how rubbish the British summer can be, so we've made sure that there's plenty of fun to be had indoors, too. Check out our awesome selection of slot car racing toys - turn your living room into a gigantic racetrack and hold your very own Grand Prix! With Spiderman, Iron Man and Captain America all tearing up the track, you'll be glad you stayed in. Still, if racing isn't your thing, there are other options: you could rustle up some tasty treats with the Jumbo Donut Maker, for example.

Gadget Inspector has toys and games for kids and adults alike, so we'll have something for you no matter how old you are. We've got enough fun summer activities to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool, so jump in and see if we can't brighten up your summer. And remember: even if the weather lets you down, we never will!

It's no fun having to spend summer in the office, but hopefully we can put a smile on your cooped-up face with these cool office gadgets. Swap your boring old computer mouse for a tasty-looking chocolate mouse, or maybe an awesome USB pixel mouse. Give your lazy co-workers a piece of your mind with our brilliant 'Fixed Penalty Notice' sticky notes, or brighten up your desk with this DIY Calculator!

You'll find all of these items (and plenty more besides) in our Gadgets & Gizmos section, so get yourself a gadget or two and let your inner geek loose in the office this summer. And if you're still sad that you can't go outside, remember that this is Britain - it's just going to pour with rain all summer anyway. The warmth of the office doesn't seem so bad now, eh? 

We have the brand new Marvel Avengers "Hero Team Chase" Carrera Go!!! Set in stock now. Race with your favorite super hero's and you speed around this cool track with either Iron Man or Caption American, you can get your Marvel Avengers Go!!! Set now for only £54.99.

We also have other really cool Go!!! Set in stock including the brand new Spider-Man "Manhattan Showdown" with awesome spider-man and lizard car.

The sun's out and what's the best thing about summer? Water Fight!!! and we have the coolest water guns in stock in four different colours .... Clear, Blue, Camo Green or Camo Brown! Get your amazing AK47 Water Gun NOW!!! for only £10.50!!!!!!!! Usually £14.99 :D It was also featured on the gadget show!

It's the start of the great British summer, and to get you ready we have got all the best summer gadget to keep you cool and having fun! We have amazing water guns, the coolest ice trays and the best party gear to make this summer BRILLIANT :D