Our gadget website is packed with R2D2 gadgets. Slowly but surely they've been piling up, and now we've got more R2D2 gadgets than we know what to do with.

Gadget Inspector's obsession with the Star Wars franchise is well-documented, but as much as we love Han, Luke, Leia and the others, R2 will always be our favourite character. Just look at him - how could anyone resist the cute little guy?

So do forgive the site if it's a little heavy on the R2D2 gadgets. They are all awesome, mind - from the Inflatable Remote Control R2D2 robot to the brand new R2D2 Cookie Jar, we've got everything the modern R2 addict could ask for.

Oven gloves. Pretty much every kitchen has them, but they don't tend to be the most eye-catching of kitchen accessories, do they?

Not unless your oven gloves come from Gadget Inspector. We've got a great selection of novelty oven gloves available, and if there's a baker in your family, our awesome oven gloves will make the perfect presents for them!

The Home Run Oven Mitts [no longer available] will bring a bit of the baseball field into the kitchen - those calorific cakes might seem a little less naughty if you pretend to be engaged in some sort of sporting activity beforehand. Still, if the sporting life isn't for you, perhaps you'll prefer these Knitted Oven Gloves, designed to look like they were cut out from a homemade Christmas jumper, but just as padded and protective as any good pair of oven gloves.

Factor in the Pixel Hand Oven Mitts we mentioned yesterday and you're spoilt for choice! No matter what kind of personality your favourite baker has, Gadget Inspector is sure to have the perfect pair of Oven Gloves for them.

If you need some seriously geeky gifts this Christmas, Gadget Inspector is the place to be. We've got plenty of brilliantly geeky gifts and gadgets to go around, and they don't come much geekier than our retro range of Pixel products. These radically retro gadgets are perfect for gamers, computer nerds, and anyone else who struggles to unglue their eyes from the screen.

Take the Pixel Time Clock, for instance. It's beautifully blocky, and it tells the time like any other clock - it's just a little more computerish. Other geeky gifts include the Pixel Hand Oven Mitts and the eye-catching Pixelated Sticky Notes. We've got more pixel products than we know what to do with!

If you want even more retro gadgets, that's not a problem; our gadget website is full of geeky gifts and nostalgic knick-knacks that will make brilliant Christmas presents come the 25th of December. Get shopping now!

Big presents are the best presents, obviously, but it wouldn't be Christmas without an array of smaller treats at the bottom of your stocking as well. But chocolate coins and selection boxes have been done to death - surely there are more original stocking fillers to be had?

Well, as luck would have it, there are! We've got a range of great stocking fillers here at Gadget Inspector, and they're just as tasty as all the old favourites. And if you're the parent of a die-hard Nintendo fan, we've got especially good news for you because a fair chunk of our stocking fillers are Nintendo-themed! You can choose from the Super Star Candies, the Wii Controller Gum, and the Nintendo Power Mints. All are terrifically tasty treats that any Mario fan would be thrilled to find in their stocking on Christmas morning!

We've also got a selection of Star Wars-themed stocking fillers, including R2D2 Mints and more. Whatever you go for, our Stocking Fillers will ensure that your Christmas is a merry one!

Everybody knows a retro gamer, and if you need Christmas presents for your favourite retroist then the Tetris Light from Gadget Inspector is perfect.

This official Tetris product is made up of seven brightly-coloured tetrominoes (the blocks that were immortalised in the game). All you have to do is plug the long blue Tetris Light into the mains, and stack the other blocks on top of it – they light up on contact!

So if you’re looking for Christmas presents with a nostalgic appeal, the Tetris Light should serve you well. You can stack the blocks in any way you see fit, making this a bedroom accessory with endless possibilities!