Now that winter is in full swing, a lot of us are tending to spend more time in the kitchen whipping up hot, homely meals for these chilly evenings we're experiencing. Things can get pretty messy in the kitchen, but with our favourite, and newly in aprons you won't have to worry about making a mess! Introducing the bright, the colourful and the funny aprons that we now have in stock on Gadget Inspector.

First up is the Superman Adult Apron. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a super hero in the kitchen and love Superman then this is the apron for you. Cook up a storm in the kitchen and Superman will protect you from any mess, and save your clothes from stains! Second up we have the Cookie Monster Apron, which is a must have firstly if you like cookies and secondly if you are a fan of Sesame Street! You will definitely stand out in your kitchen in this bright blue number and the Cookie Monster will protect you from any mess you make whilst cooking!

Last, but by no means least, we have the Peter Griffin Flapjacks Apron. If you are a fan of Family Guy, you will love this apron. The colourful design features on this apron makes it a lot more interesting than your average kitchen apron, and is great at keeping your clothes clean whilst you are cooking some lovely goodies!

So whichever apron you prefer, you are sure to keep your clothes clean and protected from the mess you make in the kitchen whilst cooking up a storm this winter. These aprons are great gift ideas for any of your family or friends, who love to cook and make a feast in the kitchen! They are the perfect Christmas gift ideas, especially since Christmas is only just around the corner!

Last week we wrote a blog post on the awesome Snug Rugs that will keep you warm this winter. Now, we have the next best thing - CHRISTMAS Snug Rugs. Picture this; you've had a long but lovely day opening presents, cooking Christmas dinner, eating and drinking all day, and now its come to that point of the day where everyone relaxes on the sofas and perhaps pops the telly on. That time of day will be utterly complete when you have a Christmas Snug Rug to keep you warm.

We have three to choose from, each themed as Santa or Snowman. 

So sit back and relax over your Christmas holidays this year, and keep warm with these awesome Christmas Snug Rugs. They would also make great Christmas gifts or stocking fillers, and are perfect for getting everyone in the festive mood! 

With Halloween over and done with, and Christmas fast approaching, we have some cracking ideas for Christmas gifts this winter. Today we are going to focus on some funny products that we know you will love, and probably want to buy for yourself and not as gifts! Do you need a new shower curtain or know anyone that does? Introducing the new novelty shower curtains. First up, we have the Sexy Man Shower Curtain and the Sexy Woman Shower Curtain. You never have to shower alone again, with these cheeky numbers! They will definitely liven up your dull and boring bathroom, or make a great gift to your friends who need some excitement in their lives. 

If you are a fan of scary films, then the next shower curtain that we have is a must for you! The Scary Shower Curtain is a great addition to your shower time. Freak out your visitors when they come to stay, and have to use your bathroom. Or, if you have some friends who love scary films or have just moved into a new place, why not grab this creepy number as a gift for them?

Keep your eyes peeled in the weeks rolling up to Christmas, as we have lots of great Christmas gift ideas to share with you guys! 

With the winter months quickly rolling in, and the temperature falling every day, it is about time we all dug out our gloves, scarves and hats for when we have to brave the cold temperatures outside. However, I think we will all agree that there is nothing more annoying than when you are wearing your gloves, your hands are all toasty and you need to use your touch screen phone. Taking your gloves off and on constantly is such a pain, but with the Touch Screen Gloves Deluxe - Black, you don't have to do this anymore!

These gloves allow you to type away on your touch screen phone, and keep warm whilst doing so. The gloves are specifically designed for touch screen operation, and even have leather pads on the palm of each glove to ensure your phone doesn't slip out of your hands! They are machine washable as well which is an added bonus! Buy the gloves for yourself, or they work great as gift ideas!

Whether you are walking to work, university, college or are enjoying Bonfire night this November, these are the perfect winter accessories! Once you have them, you won't be able to manage without them!

Now that it's October, it won't be long before Christmas is upon us, and the stress that comes with buying everybody's Christmas presents before the big day! Don't worry, we have the perfect present for you to give this December! Introducing the latest cool gadget, the Robo Fish. The Robo Fish is a pet with a difference. You no longer need to worry about keeping the fish tank clean, feeding your fish, and the heart break you feel when a pet passes away. The Robo Fish activates when it comes in contact with water, and deactivates when it is dried off. The perfect pet, as you only have it when you want it! An added bonus, is that it comes with batteries. Is there anything more annoying as a kid than when you open a new present on Christmas morning and your brand new amazing present needs batteries and you don't have any? Robo Fish even comes with SPARE batteries so you get double the playing time at no extra cost!

Now onto business. The Robo fish comes in several different styles and colours. If you are lucky enough to get one of these fabulous pet fish, you can choose from a lifelike robotic shark and the cute clown fish! Each of these styles comes in several colours including, orange, green, pink, blue, red and grey. With so many different choices there is bound to be a colour and style that suits everyone. Even better, you could collect all the Robo Fish and create your very own tropical fish tank.

The Shark Robo Fish swims and moves like a life like shark, with an aggressive and curious temperament. Whereas, the Clown Fish swims like a real life fish with a peaceful and semi-aggressive temperament. These little pet fish would be perfect for bath time with the kids. Obviously, we've all been children before, and i'm sure everyone will agree with me when I say we've all gone through that phase of refusing to bathe when we were younger. If only we had these Robo Fish for bath time, we would have needed no convincing in getting in the tub!

You can either buy the Robo Fish singly, or you can purchase a Robo Fish Playset - which comes with one Robo Fish, AND a fish bowl is included for your new fish to swim around in. The perfect start up kit, you will be well on your way to owning your very own tropical fish collection!

So lets wrap it up. The Robo Fish are perfect pets, they make no mess, don't need feeding and are activated and deactivated easily. Not only this but they make a great bath buddy and you can create your own tropical fish tank by collecting all of the styles and different colours. So what are you waiting for? Buy one for yourself, or as a gift for someone else - they provide hours of fun.