A selection of Anchorman gifts

In case our website's festive new look didn't tip you off, we'll spell it out: Christmas is coming, and it's time to start preparing! We've got plenty of great Christmas gift ideas here at Gadget Inspector, but if you happen to be shopping for someone who's a big fan of the movie Anchorman, you don't even need to bother browsing. We've got a slew of brilliant gifts for that person right here!

The Channel 4 News Team Mug [no longer available] is more than a mere coffee receptacle. It will make you look and feel like a bona fide member of San Diego's favourite news squad, and whatever you're drinking, it will always go down smooth!

Of course, if you'd prefer a slightly stronger beverage, the Anchorman Mini Scotch Glasses [no longer available] may be more appropriate. Each one is emblazoned with one of the many endlessly quotable lines that made Anchorman such a smash-hit, including the immortal "Mm. I just burned my tongue" and of course, "I love scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch."

Finally, we come to the Anchorman Moustache and Wallet Set. With the Ron Burgundy-esque moustache stuck on your upper lip, you'll be so attractive as to make Sinatra look like a hobo. You'll also get a sumptuous leather-bound wallet, allowing you to store your cash safely and perhaps buy a new suit (yay!)

Any Anchorman fan would be thrilled to find that stack of loot under the tree on Christmas morning, but don't worry if your loved ones aren't familiar with the legendary antics of Ron Burgundy and his team - there are plenty of other brilliant presents to be found here at Gadget Inspector.

With Christmas not too far away, present shopping is mostly well under way for the majority of you! So we have some of the latest gadgets for you to add to the gift ideas list! Your family and friends are going to love you this Christmas! 

The Micro Drone 2.0 is an absolute favourite, and such a bargain at our special offer of £39.99! This is a must have remote control gadget, that has so many impressing features!! These features include; ability to support a camera (must be bought separately), it is ultra-stable and very responsive, it has a strong metal structure to withstand any crashes - just to mention a few! So if you know someone who loves remote control gadgets, this is the ideal gift.

If you have a smart phone that has the panoramic feature available, this is a must have gadget! The Panoramic Pod allows you to take amazing panoramic photographs, without the annoyance of a shakey hand! All you have to do is fit your phone within the clamp and wind up the pod - then the gadget does the rest and the end result is a stunning panoramic image! 

Another smart phone must have is the Magnetic Induction Speaker Plus! This nifty gadget amplifies the sounds coming out of your smart phone, no wires or connectors are necessary! You simply place your smart phone/tablet/mini tablet (it works with any device that has an internal speaker) onto the stand with the internal speaker close to one of the induction points and the sound is 'magically' amplified. Cool right? You can even use the USB to charge your mobile device whilst you are listening to music. This is one snazzy speaker, and perfect for travelling and being on the go! 

Hopefully showing off some of our latest gadgets has eased the stress that is Christmas shopping! These gadgets are so good, you may be tempted to buy them for yourself! 

We've all been in a situation where we've been playing on our phones far too much, or texting too much and it results in our phone running out of battery! To top it all off, you have absolutely no access to a plug point. Sound familiar? Worry no more, because with these new products you will never have to worry about running out of battery in the middle of no where ever again! Introducing the Rocket Power - Portable Smartphone Charger, which will completely change your life! This rechargeable power bank bank allows you to charge your smartphone on the go! It has a keyring attached to it so you can keep it handy with your keys. It charges your phone quickly and allows you to get back on your phone when you have no other way to charging your phone. It is compatiable with iPhones, Blackberry, Sony, Samsung and HTC.

Next up is the 3 in 1 Energy Tube. This is a portable power bank, that has endless functions. It charges your phone, warms your hands and acts as a torch! This is the must have travel gadget, so that you are never cold, phoneless or in the dark again! It comes in three different colours (pink, black and grey) so you have a choice of what best suits your personality! These two products would be a great Christmas gift or Christmas stocking filler! Or maybe, just treat yourself to one? 



Geeky models wearing colourful Christmas jumpers

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without a few colourful Christmas jumpers. Here's what Gadget Inspector have got for you to wear this festive seasons - any of these jumpers would go beautifully with the paper crown from your Christmas cracker!

Red Reindeer Jumper

There was a time when red-nosed reindeers were stigmatised; nowadays they are celebrated, each and every Christmastime! This ravishing Red Reindeer Christmas Jumper is the perfect way to pay tribute to Rudolph and his Christmas Eve heroics all those years ago.


Pink Penguin Jumper

Okay, so we've got a picture of a woman modelling this one, but pink isn't just for the ladies, y'know! This cute Penguin Jumper would look stunning on more or less anybody; if you're a big fan of Happy Feet or March of the Penguins, this is the only Christmas jumper for you.


Blue Snowman Jumper

It's a lovely Snowman...themed Christmas jumper! This bold blue pullover is quite the fashion statement, and not just because of the jaunty scarf/hat combo that Frosty is rocking. The Blue Snowman Jumper might just be the most festive Christmas jumper of all, so grab yours now and feel that Yuletide warmth!


Green Santa Jumper

Pledge your allegiance to Saint Nick with this snazzy Green Santa Claus Jumper! We can't promise that it will make the real Father Christmas arrive any faster, but it will make you look like quite the Christmas angel. Don yours today!

Everyone loves a mug. We are constantly drinking hot drinks throughout our days, so why not have a mug you're proud of that shows off your personality. We have recently had three new mugs come into Gadget Inspector that we all love, and we know you will love too! If you are a big fan of Star Wars then this is the mug for you. The I Am Your Father Mug is a must have mug, with one of the most famous lines from the Star Wars films, written upon it. No one in your office will forget what mug is yours when they're making a round of tea.

If you are not a fan of Star Wars, maybe you will be a fan of Batman. We have two new Batman mugs up on our website that we are sure you will love. If you fancy yourself as the villain, then the Batman The Joker Boxed Mug is for you! Or maybe you fancy yourself as the superhero, then the Batman The Dark Knight Boxed Mug is a must have. Enjoy your favourite hot drink in your new novelty mug, at work or at home which ever you prefer. Why not buy two, and have one for home and for work if you love Batman and Star Wars that much? These mugs are always great for gift ideas, especially with Christmas coming up and the cold chilly days rolling in.