The world is your soundsystem!

These colourful little balls might look delicious, but before you eat them, try plugging one into your MP3 player and putting it on top of an empty cardboard box. What looks like a gumball is in fact The Mighty Boom Ball, and if you've remembered to put the batteries in, you'll find that your box has been magically transformed into a great big cardboard speaker!

If it's hollow, the Boom Ball can turn it into a speaker. While bigger is generally better, this portable speaker can work with more or less anything - from a Coke can to a kitchen cupboard. The Boom Ball is great for portable music listening, obviously, but there's plenty of fun to be had just by trying it out on different objects and seeing which one makes the best sound system.

So get your music devices and cardboard boxes ready - The Mighty Boom Ball is available now from Gadget Inspector, and we're just waiting for your order. Great sound on the go is just a pair of AAA batteries away!

They float through the air with the greatest of ease...

Well, September has arrived and summer is on its last legs. But don't be sad - Gadget Inspector is here to steer you away from the autumn blues! We've already got plenty of cool stuff with which to cheer you up, but pretty soon we'll be adding a whole lot more.

And of all the awesome new items coming your away this autumn, it's the Air Swimmers that we're most excited about. You may already be familiar with our Shark and Clown Fish Air Swimmers, and if you liked them then you'll love their new friends.

The Air Swimmers Piranha is the first new addition to the family, and a right menacing young man he is too. But, as cool as the Piranha is, it's the Angry Birds Air Swimmers that have really got us excited. Fans of mobile gaming and puzzle-based avian mischief are sure to go nuts for these furious flying fellas, and if you get some planks of wood together you can even build a tower and re-create the best-selling game, crashing your floaty friend into your makeshift skyscraper and knocking it to the ground.

These new Air Swimmers products will be coming out in November, but you can pre-order them now. Just go to your chosen product's page and sign up for the email alert. Still, if you can't wait that long, we've got the Shark and the Clown Fish to tide you over. Go to our Air Swimmers page and have some fishy fun!

We now have in stock the amazing head rush glow in the dark beer pong table with fixed bottle openers on the side! For a limited time only with every order of the beer pong table you will recive a free beer pong pack (14 16oz cups and 2 beer pong balls). You can get all of this for just £104.99! So make sure you get yours for the summer parties.

Are you going to one of the many British Festivals this year? Well you're going to need the wicked wedge! 

Wicked Wedge is one of those products that just seems to solve so many problems. It is so versatile it can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. The great thing about the Wicked Wedge is that it comes flat packed the size of a small book it is very light and easy to inflate this making it a must have accessory for tips to the beach, camping, music festivals and picnics. Plus it comes in three different colours - Blue, Pink & Grey, Get yours now for only £14.99

We got some new cool products in stock today like these cool Penny skateboards and wicked canned travel mug! We also have the shark fin ice tray's back in stock and power up travel mug :D We are going to have even more cool stuff in stock soon so keep on the look out.