It is that time of the week again, when we launch a competition! Up for grabs this week is the Bladez Transporter, which is an awesome remote control gadget that comes with some really cool features. These include bright lights, up to 8 metre flying range, and even includes an electronic winch which allows you pickup up to 10 grams of weight. 

To enter this competition and be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is like our Facebook page, and like our competition post. Simple right? The competition will end on the 15th November at midday, and the winner announced shortly after. Good luck gadget lovers! 

Halloween is over, Bonfire Night is over..which can mean only one thing: Christmas is next. The festive season of jingle bells and snowmen is upon us, and that means we have to buy presents for our nearest and dearest to open on the big day. However, some of our loved ones can be incredibly tricky to buy for, and in an attempt to tackle this problem this year, Gadget Inspector have come up with a great idea. Today we launch our 5 fantastic pre-packed, personalised stockings: 5 Christmas stockings, each themed to suit a particular group of people and stuffed to the brim of awesome gadgets we think they'll just love, and we're proud to introduce them to you! 

personalised Christmas stockings from Gadget Inspector


1. The Dad Christmas Stocking

Dads are always tough to buy for. It's a jumper or some socks traditionally, and there's only so many times that pops can fake a smile on the big day isn't there! Our 'The Dad Christmas Stocking' is filled with goodies that your dad is going to love, and with a few clicks you don't have to worry about the hassle of Christmas shopping - this stocking will be delivered right to your door and with it all your Christmas woes will disappear! 

2. The Gamer Christmas Stocking

Gamer Geeks can be hard to buy for because they're straight to the shop to pick up the latest copy of any game they might want, eliminating many possible Christmas gift opportunities! With our Gamer Christmas Stocking you literally can't go wrong = we've stuffed it full of cool gadgets your console critters will adore!

3. The Practical Joker Christmas Stocking

Practical jokers are the life and soul of any friendship group, but often they can be tough to crack at Christmas. Our personalised Christmas stocking for the practical joker contains lots of funny goodies and useful gadgets that will keep them occupied all year round - just make sure you don't get tricked by your own gift! 

4. The Student Christmas Stocking 

Our Student Christmas Stocking is the ultimate Xmas prezzie for any student out there, and is full of useful gadgets that will make managing their degree an absolute breeze! 

5. The Workaholic Christmas Stocking

Your workaholic friend or family member will forever be in your debt after receiving our fantastic Workaholic Stocking as a Christmas present this year - we've crammed it full of nifty gadgets they won't know how they ever lived without!


And there you have it..our fabulous five! We've even snuck a few sneaky deals in there so get clicking and see for yourself! Merry Christmas - don't say we're not good to you. 

Sometimes, it can be really difficult to get your messages across, but with this amazing gadget you no longer have to worry. The RC UFO Space Messenger can literally tell people your messages. This cool gadget is a remote control gadget, that you type out your message on (the message can be up to seven characters long), you then look up as the Space Messenger rockets upwards, displaying your written message for everyone present to see, using LED lights. This remote control gadget is controlled by you, so you decide how high it goes into the air, and what message is displayed.

The Space Messenger is a remote controlled UFO that uses LED technology to write messages in the sky. Use the remote controller to make the message fly into the air. The controller requires 6 x AAA batteries (which are not included with the product) and the Messenger itself charges from the controller. Whether you are looking for a great gift idea with Christmas coming up or want to get your message across, this is an amazing gadget you can't miss out on! With the seven characters you could even write 'MARRYME', and launch your message into the sky, if you feel like proposing to your better half this winter. This remote control gadget could be used for a number of different messages, so what are you waiting for? Make sure you get your message across.

Let's face it, us Brits aren't very good at winter. You'd think that by now, due to the percentage of time our weather isn't great, we'd be absolute pros at handling the testy climates of the United Kingdom. The truth is, however, rain, wind, snow, sleet - we can't handle it - not one bit! We love a good moan at the best of time, but boy oh boy do the grumpy Gary's come out in the winter time. Gadget Inspector are here to save the day once again, because we've got an idea that will make wrapping up for winter the most fun you've ever had. We would like to introduce you to our amazing range of fleecey animal onesies. These ridiculously comfortable, totally warm and pretty flipping hilarious giant baby gros have seemed to take over the nation in the past few months - and our diverse range really is superior. Winter wouldn't bother you in the slightest if you were chilling in front of the TV dressed as an elephant would it? We didn't think so. Give in to the onesie, let it embrace you and take over your life and watch as winter turns into your favourite time of year. Below, we've listed our personal favourite three..but there are mountains to choose from if you just browse through here. Enjoy! 

1. The Dalmatian

Cute. Cosy. Spotty. What's not to love about this dalmatian onesie?

2. The Crocodile

Hilarious. Funny. Mega lols. Imagine the fun you'll have in this!

3. The Panda

Possibly the greatest animal onesie of all time. The lovely and endangered panda. Put your paws up!

Christmas is the time to get the entire family together and play silly fun games. So, we have the best Christmas gift idea that will keep you all entertained for hours and bring you all together. The Flash Ball Light and Catch Game is an amazing family game that involves you having to catch whichever of the six 'catchballs' is lit up. Get everyone to stand together in a circle and pass the Flash Ball around, ensuring that you only lay hands on the ball that is flashing red! There are also other modes available on the Flash Ball, if you are after an extra challenge.

You'll never get bored of this game, so what are you waiting for? Buy the perfect Christmas gift for a member of your family and make great use of it while you all spend Christmas together! Keep your eyes peeled for more excellent Christmas gifts on our website.