Here at Gadget Inspector we have recently had a load of new puzzles come into stock which we just know you gadget lovers are going to adore! If you love a mind challenge, these puzzles are must haves for you. They will also make for great gift ideas, and are perfect for Christmas stocking fillers! 

The Houdini Puzzle Lock - Under Lock and Key is a must have challenge. These puzzle locks cannot be opened like a normal padlock, there is some kind of trick to opening the lock. Do you have what it takes? This puzzle lock is a great challenge for intermediate users who love a brain-teaser. Next up is the Chunky Wooden Puzzle - Barrel Puzzle. Do you have what it takes to solve this puzzle, and put all the pieces together to make the barrel complete? This is a definite must for those of you who are puzzle lovers.

We have a whole range of different puzzles that we havent even mentioned in this blog, so click here, to take a look at the other challenges you can conquer! So whether you just fancy a challenge for yourself, or you need some Christmas gift ideas for friends and family, these puzzles are the answer! 

With Christmas not that far away, it can be a real struggle to come up with a million present and gift ideas for our family, friends and colleagues. Don't stress, because we are about to give you another great group of gadgets that are must have additions to the Christmas gift idea list. Have a look at the awesome Bladez Toys here, you and who ever you are buying them for, will love them. These are some of our favourite remote control gadgets!

First up we have the G-Bladez Max - The 3 Channel Outdoor RC Helicopter. This RC helicopter is the perfect way to take on the skies and is suitable for intermediate remote control pilots from the age 14 and upwards. It can be steered in any direction, and the gyrscopic auto-stabilising system will keep you in control for the whole flight! Sounds good doesn't it? Or how about the Bladez Transporter? This is one remote control flying experience that you don't want to miss out on. The Bladez Transporter has some awesome features including bright lights, and 8 metre flying range, and even an electronic winch that allows you to pick up to 10 grams of weight - yes really! How cool is that?

Next up is the Bladez Remote Control Quadrocopter! This is another great addition to the RC collection! It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and is one of the smallest on the market. This remote control quadrocopter just keeps getting better, as it is capable of performing death-defying stunts and tricks, and there are to be no worries about crashing it as it has a tough outer shell. It really is another must have remote control gadget that is suitable for people of all abilities. Last, but by no means least, we are introducing the 3 Channel RC Helicopter with GYRO Technology. This is a must for those of you who are remote control experts. The 3 Channel control allows you to fly in any direction! Don't worry, because with the built-in gyroscope your flight path will stay super steady no matter what!

Hopefully, this has eased your worries about what gift ideas to come up with for the fast approaching holiday that is Christmas! Who ever the lucky people are you are buying for, they will love any of these remote control gadgets as a gift!

No one likes a squashed sandwich, what ever your age. You go to all that effort making a delicious sandwich for lunch, you wrap it up in cling film or foil and pop it in your bag. By the time lunch comes around you dig in your bag to find that delicious sandwich you've been thinking about eating all morning, only to find that everything else in your bag has squashed it!! Even though technically theres nothing different to the taste of the sandwich it just isn't the same, is it? We have solutions to your squashed sandwich problems. Introducing the three new Sandwich Tin's we have recently uploaded to the Gadget Inspector Website. These awesomely designed Sandwich Tin's are such a great idea to protect your favourite lunchtime snack, and also look great. The Batman Sandwich Tin has the famous, and well known Batman logo printed upon it. The Superman Sandwich Tin also has the very famous Superman Logo printed onto the tin, and keeps true to the bright Superman colours.

The Star Wars (Darth Vader) Sandwich Tin is a must have if you are a big fan of Star Wars. Let Darth Vader protect your sandwiches in this sleek sandwich tin. Using any of these sandwich tins will ensure you have a yummy lunch every single day! It doesn't get much better than that. These are also great products to add to the gift ideas list, especially with Christmas just around the corner - what a great stocking filler.

Everyone loves a mug. We are constantly drinking hot drinks throughout our days, so why not have a mug you're proud of that shows off your personality. We have recently had three new mugs come into Gadget Inspector that we all love, and we know you will love too! If you are a big fan of Star Wars then this is the mug for you. The I Am Your Father Mug is a must have mug, with one of the most famous lines from the Star Wars films, written upon it. No one in your office will forget what mug is yours when they're making a round of tea.

If you are not a fan of Star Wars, maybe you will be a fan of Batman. We have two new Batman mugs up on our website that we are sure you will love. If you fancy yourself as the villain, then the Batman The Joker Boxed Mug is for you! Or maybe you fancy yourself as the superhero, then the Batman The Dark Knight Boxed Mug is a must have. Enjoy your favourite hot drink in your new novelty mug, at work or at home which ever you prefer. Why not buy two, and have one for home and for work if you love Batman and Star Wars that much? These mugs are always great for gift ideas, especially with Christmas coming up and the cold chilly days rolling in.

It is coming to that time of year where, if you aren't already, we all start to think about what Christmas gifts to buy our friends and family. Some people can be particuarly difficult to buy for, as the 'in' thing is always changing. Have no fear, because we have the three best rail gadgets to solve all of your problems. Introducing the SpaceRail collection; SpaceRail Level 4 - Glow in the Dark, Space Rail Level 2 - Glow in the Dark and Space Rail Level 3

The SpaceRail Level 4 - Glow in the Dark, is a self-perpetuating glow in the dark rollercoaster, and is sure to entertain for hours. It has 5 seperate trakcs and glow in the dark rails. Since the Space Rail comes with a battery-powered elevator, you can enjoy watching the 4 steel balls leave the lift, and roll around the 26,000mm length of track and conquer a series of see-saw drops and twists, and then it gets lifted back to the start so you can watch it all over again. This set comes with an easy to follow manual, so that you can easily assemble the SpaceRail. Yes, it actually glows in the dark! The SpaceRails come in levels of difficulty, the SpaceRail Level 4 is considered to be for intermediate users.

The SpaceRail Level 2 - Glow in the Dark features two seperate glow in the dark tracks, that the steel balls speed around. There is also a little elevator present so that the steel balls can be taken back up to the top of the coaster to start their journey again, ensuring that the fun never ends. Turn the lights off and watch the steel balls whizz around the tracks as the track glows in the dark. 

The SpaceRail Level 3, is another must have gift! At level 3, this Space Rail is considered a bit more of a challenge than Level 2, but once you have assembled the awesome rail the fun will never stop. Watch the three steel balls roll down the track, negotiating all the twist and turns that are thrown at them. When they get to the bottom, watch as they get taken straight back up again by the motorised elevator. 

These amazing toys are suitable for any ages (unless they are younger than three years old), so what are you waiting for? Make someone's Christmas this December and give them a gift that they can spend hours using.