When you buy any Mario Kart DS GO!!! Set you recive a free princess peach Kart which you can use on the track to race with. The Carrera Go!!! Mario Kart set of car toys is a fantastic reproduction of the popular Mario Kart racing franchise. Relive exciting Mario Kart races in the space of your own living room or dining room table. Carrera Go!!! Mario Kart features a massive 6.2m track with flyovers, spiral bends, narrow sections and guardrails for protection.

We got some new cool products in stock today like these cool Penny skateboards and wicked canned travel mug! We also have the shark fin ice tray's back in stock and power up travel mug :D We are going to have even more cool stuff in stock soon so keep on the look out.

Hey if your mates have ever played an evil prank on you then this is the perfect time to get some revenge with an awesome water cannon, it will absolutely drench them! Another name for it is 'the saturator' so you get the picture!

The water cannon contains a 160cc magazine and blasts water, at 4 blasts per second, up to an amazing 6 metres away. The water cannon also displays flashing lights and makes gun fire sounds, so your mates will get fair warning before their soaking :)


We have a pre-order in for these fantastic remote control R2-D2 gadgets! Can't wait to get my hands on one but sadly they don't land here until summer time 2012 but as soon as we know that they are in the UK we will put them onto our gadget website. Read more..

The Star Wars™ ‘Pump and Play’ inflatable range is the future of remote controlled toys and gadgets. The first to be released in this range is the most famous droid of all, the legendary R2-D2™.  Further characters will follow, including Darth Vader™, Stormtrooper™ and Yoda™.

A child-friendly handset controls R2-D2™, allowing the Star Wars™ droid to move forward, back, left, and right plus and perform stunts and 360-degree spins.  The innovative package comes complete with a pump, handset, RC drive unit and inflatable shell, which is interchangeable with the entire ‘Pump and Play’ range.

  • Revolutionary inflatable radio control toys
  • Jumbo size for fun interactive play
  • Suitable for 3 years and above
  • Pump, R/C unit, handset and interchangable body
  • Flexi rubber safety aerial
  • Tri-band A,B,C
  • The most innovative R/C characters

Check it out..
rc R2-D2

Today the gang here at gadget Inspector have been test driving the AppCopter and AppRacer, which is made by AppToyz and we can tell you that these things are absolutely brilliant!

The remote control car and helicopter are controlled directly from your iPhone or iPod using a free app. Check out the photo:

Our conclusion.. awesome!