Christmas is the time to get the entire family together and play silly fun games. So, we have the best Christmas gift idea that will keep you all entertained for hours and bring you all together. The Flash Ball Light and Catch Game is an amazing family game that involves you having to catch whichever of the six 'catchballs' is lit up. Get everyone to stand together in a circle and pass the Flash Ball around, ensuring that you only lay hands on the ball that is flashing red! There are also other modes available on the Flash Ball, if you are after an extra challenge.

You'll never get bored of this game, so what are you waiting for? Buy the perfect Christmas gift for a member of your family and make great use of it while you all spend Christmas together! Keep your eyes peeled for more excellent Christmas gifts on our website. 

If you are one of those people who lose their keys within 30 seconds of being home then you are in great need of the XXL Magnetic Key Holder. You will never have to search for your keys again, and will no longer be late for anything, as you are not searching for your keys for hours. Mount the horseshaped magnet on your wall, using the holes on the back. The magnetic tips of they key holder will keep hold of your keys with an iron grip, to ensure they are not lost.

This is an excellent gift idea, especially with Christmas coming up, for people who are constantly losing things. Our keys are quite essential things to keep track of, and that is why it is so important not to lose them! £9.99 is a pretty good bargain for never losing your keys again, and always being on time for work once you have this awesome gadget in your life! 

Exercising in the summer is so much easier than the winter. You have the good weather (most of the time), the sun is shining and you have long days as it doesn't get dark till late. However, now that winter is here it is so much harder to keep your regular exercise routine. After a long day at work, no one wants to brave the cold and the dark to go running or get to the gym, all you want to do is be in the comfort of your warm home. That is why the Body System Door Gym Xtreme is perfect for you! This versatile exercise tool can be attached to your door frame so that you can do pull ups and chin ups. It can also be placed on the floor and assist you with push ups, sit ups and dips, allowing you to do an effective work out in the comfort of your own home.

The Body System Door Gym Xtreme is the perfect way to build your upper body! It attaches to most door frames in seconds and supports weights of up to 100kg. You also get free bonus ab straps, so you can do a more intense workout if you wish! With this awesome exercise tool, you have no more excuses to avoid working out in the winter. Maintain your fitness and your progression that you earnt during the summer by maintaining your exercise routine with the Body System Door Gym Xtreme.

'Tis the season to be jolly! Or rather, 'tis the season to be extremely cross with everyone who is jolly at the start of November, practically TWO MONTHS away from ACTUAL Christmas. Try though you might to avoid it, the big day is looming ever nearer, and the more you choose to fight it the closer you will get to the mad Christmas Eve dash for last minute presents in town! We say, kick back, relax, get organised and enjoy Christmas for what it is: a season of presents, red cups at Starbucks and delicious food. Said delicious food will be cooked by many of you on a number of occasions throughout the coming months and might, as such. be viewed as a chore rather than a treat. Here at Gadget Inspector we're stocked full of products to make the preperation of your festive feast run smoothly with both chef and guests thoroughly enjoying the process, from start to finish! 

As you're channelling your inner Heston Blumenthal cooking up an absolute storm in the kitchen, the last thing you need to be thinking about is providing your guests with beverages. Let alone the fact that unfortunately, there are always a few sneaky diners who don't like red wine, which requires minimal preparation. Our Chillpod Wine Chiller is the perfect nifty gadget to hush those wittering relatives who insist on chilled white wine or rose, and chills your wine much quicker than a fridge can and proceeds to keep it ice cool for hours, leaving you - chef, with nothing to worry about (apart from cooking an epic meal of course). 

For those of you who struggle to keep a cool head under all this intense pressure, we are yet again here to ease the pain by providing you with possibly the greatest invention we've ever come across. This marvellous 6 Pack Apron will ensure that no matter what atrocities occur in the kitchen you will be having a simply lovely time! The hilarious apron has room for 6 cans of beer - the perfect pacifier for any stressed cook! Of course, you could use the apron to offer cold beverages to your friends as they sit stunned by your culinary skills, or you could pop this sneaky apron on in the kitchen and have a little party all by yourself! We certainly know which option we'd prefer!


Now that it is November, it is that time of year where most of the men in our lives don't shave for a month to participate in Movember, and grow a moustache! So we want you guys who are participating in Movember to send us pictures of your moustaches, and you could be in with a chance to win a moustache related prize! The competition will run until Friday 29th November at Midday - allowing you to have plenty of time to grow your moustaches and send in your pictures! At the end of the competition we will announce the top 3 moustaches, and these top 3 will win a prize each! 

As the judges of the competition, we want to see individuality, significant growth, thickness, effort and an all round well groomed tash! What are you waiting for? Start growing that tash and tweet us your pictures!