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Jager Bomb Cups
Jager Bomb Cups
Jager Bomb Cups
Jager Bomb Cups

Jager Bomb Cups

Do you love Jagerbombs? Are you sick of faffing about with separate cups and struggling to get your head around this whole 'glass within a glass' nonsense? Well good news, Jager fan - we've found the perfect solution.

These clever Jager Bomb Cups are specifically designed to hold your favourite alcohol/energy drink combo. The big cup has a smaller cup moulded into the middle, so you'll only ever need one receptacle for your drink of choice!

Key Features:
  • Specifically designed for Jagerbombs
  • Great for other 'bomber' drinks too!
  • Available in packs of 10, 25, 50, 100...

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Product Description

This pre-moulded cup is specifically designed to hold the nation's favourite tipple: the Jagerbomb!

Simply fill the cup with Red Bull or some other energy drink, and fill the smaller cup in the middle with a shot of Jagermeister. Done that? Good! Now drink it. See how easy that was?

The Jager Bomb Cups save on washing up, and they make preparing Jagerbombs as simple as can be.


Not a Jager fan? Here are some other 'bombs' to try...

  • BoilermakerBeer with a shot of whiskey
  • Irish Car Bomb: Irish stout with a shot of Bailey's and whiskey
  • Sake Bomb: Beer with a shot of sake (rice wine)
  • Skittle Bomb: Red Bull with a shot of Cointreau
  • Magic Eye: Beer with a shot of creme de menthe


Always drink responsibly!

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