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DIY Straws
DIY Straws
DIY Straws

DIY Straws

Build your own drinking straw!

Slurping your drinks through a standard drinking straw can get pretty dull after a while. Sure, that plain ol' paper tube gets the job done, but there must be a more exciting way to do it, musn't there?

There must, and there is: DIY Straws! This novelty straw-building set allows you to create the craziest drinking straws you've ever dipped in your drink - the only limit is your imagination! Key Features:
  • Create a labyrinth of liquid
  • Slurp multiple drinks at once
  • Includes 21 parts (straws and connectors)

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Product Description

These DIY drinking straws will make you feel like a kid again, giving you a fun new way to drink AND exercising your creative juices at the same time!

Each DIY Straws set contains 21 different parts, including a variety of straws and connectors.

With an assortment of...

  • U-bends
  • T-junctions
  • Straight connectors choose from, you really can make whatever pops into your head - you can even build a mammoth multi-straw that sucks up several drinks at once!

Whether you're drinking smoothies, milkshakes, or something a little harder (cocktails, anyone?), our DIY drinking straws will make your refreshments a whole lot more interesting!