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XXL Magnetic Key Holder
XXL Magnetic Key Holder
XXL Magnetic Key Holder

XXL Magnetic Key Holder

Keep your keys where you can see 'em! Constantly losing your keys? We've all been there - it's only human nature! That's why this XXL Magnetic Key Holder is such a boon; it's a big red magnet that hangs onto your keys while you're not using them.

Key Features:
  • Designed to be wall-mounted
  • Extra-extra-large
  • Looks just like a traditional horseshoe magnet
  • Strong magnet - hangs on tight!
  • Eye-catching red design means that you'll always spot your keys
You'll never lose your keys again!*

You know, unless you're really good at losing things.

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Product Description

Designed to look just like those immortal red horseshoe magnets, this ingenious accessory is a brilliantly original way to keep track of your keys.


How to Use the Magnetic Key Holder:

Mount the magnet on your wall using the holes on the back. The magnetic tips of the key holder will keep hold of your keys with an iron grip; the magnet is even strong enough to hang onto a whole bunch of keys with each pole!


A Great Gift for Your Forgetful Friend

This quirky key holder is the perfect gift for people who are constantly losing things. The extra-extra-large horseshoe magnet is designed to be easily-spotted; as soon as your pal starts wondering where the car keys are, they'll see that massive red magnet on the wall and instantly remember where they left 'em.