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Which Bug's a Bug - Beetle or Treat?

Which Bug's a Bug - Beetle or Treat?

This bug eating game is perfect for parties, and is great for dares and drinking games. Some of the chocolates are filled with your average, run-of-the-mill fillings, while others have a not-so pleasant surprise waiting inside... These bug chocolates would make a great gift for the person who's up for a challenge, as well as for fans of 'I'm a Celebrity'. You could always give them out individually of course, but don't be surprised if some of the recipients aren't too impressed mid chew...

Key Features:
  • Contains real bugs!
  • Beetle shaped chocolates with 6 fillings.
  • Choice of: chocolate, peanut, raisin, buffalo worm, mealworm or cricket
  • Great party game.

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Product Description

Looking for a silly party game for you and your friends to enjoy? This Which Bug's a Bug - Beetle or Treat? set is essentially a cross between Russian Roulette and a Bush Tucker Trial, daring you to choose from a slection of chocolates - half with traditional fillings, and the other half with bugs!

This Gift Would Suit:

  • Pranksters 
  • Washed-up celebrities 
  • Bear Grylls