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Superman Enamel Cufflinks
Superman Enamel Cufflinks

Superman Enamel Cufflinks

For stylish superheroes!

Even musclebound superhumans with mega-strength and the power of flight need a day job. Fighting crime is very exhilirating, but it doesn't exactly pay the rent!

Still, just because you've got to spend your weekdays in a business suit doesn't mean you can't put a little bit of your true self into your officewear. These stylish enamel cufflinks are tonnes of fun - and a fantastic gift for Superman fans - but they'll still look totally professional.

Key Features:
  • Presented in a metal gift box
  • Tactile raised logo
  • Standard swivel bar cufflinks

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Product Description

These raised enamel cufflinks are emblazoned with the iconic Superman logo. But there's a twist - the bright red and yellow of the classic logo has been replaced with a stylish metal look. Perfect for comic book geeks and their formal wear!


Superman with a GoPro: