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Metal Matchbox Puzzles
Metal Matchbox Puzzles
Metal Matchbox Puzzles

Metal Matchbox Puzzles

These metal puzzles will really boggle your brain!

Everyone loves a good puzzle, right? Equal parts fun and mind-bending frustration, our Metal Matchbox Puzzles will only yield to the most accomplished puzzle-solving intellect!

As the name suggests, the Matchbox Puzzles are small enough to fit in your pocket and whip out at a moment's notice. Don't be fooled by their size, though - these miniature metal puzzles are just as taxing as any full-sized puzzle!

Key Features:
  • Two metal puzzles to choose from
  • Ideal for Christmas stockings
  • Solutions available online

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Product Description

If you need a stocking filler for your child genius, a Secret Santa gift for that geeky co-worker, or simply something that will keep you occupied for a bit, these metal puzzles are sure to fit the bill.

Can you solve both of them?


Rings of Fire

Separate the two rings...then put them back together again!

Note: Rings are not actually on fire, and we do not recommending setting light to them.


Ying and Yang

Take the Yin and the Yang apart, then re-attach them to restore the karmic balance of the universe.