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Family Guy Stewie Bottle Opener

Family Guy Stewie Bottle Opener

We love this Stewie bottle opener! Not only does his oval-shaped head fit the shape of the opener perfectly, but who better to greet you on the opening of every bottle? With the recent success of the TV series, it was only a matter of time before we started stocking Family Guy bottle openers! If you know of a fan - or if you are a fan yourself - then this is an ideal little stocking filler, or just a general gift idea.

Key Features:
  • Family guy bottle opener
  • Features Stewie pulling a rather miserable
  • Small and compact, perfect to keep in your pocket

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Product Description

There are few things we enjoy more than cracking open a cold one whilst watching Family Guy. If this sounds like your bag too then let us help you combine the two in a simple and efficient way.

Our Stewie Family Guy Bottle Opener is a hilarious and handy Family Guy accessory. The little guy has his typical frustrated and miserable face on - perhaps because his rear end is now being used to open bottles! 

Simply pop the top off your bottled beverage and smile as you are greeted with Stewie's face. The best part of this bottle opener is how small and compact it is - perfect for keeping in your pocket or your bag and cracking out whenever the moment calls for a delicious bottle of your favourite beverage.

If you're a Family Guy fan this Stewie bottle opener is the perfect little novelty accessory with a practical element.