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Caps Lock Bottle Stoppers

Caps Lock Bottle Stoppers

Reached the 'End' of the evening? 'Save' the leftover wine for later!

Whether you're a computer geek, a wine connoisseur, or some freakishly brilliant combination of the two, these handy bottle stoppers will make a brilliant addition to your kitchen drawer. Designed to look like three different computer keys - 'Save', 'Esc' and 'End' - they're a nicely nerdy way of keeping your leftover wine fresh for whenever you next feel like a gulp or two.

Key Features:
  • Designed to resemble keys from your computer keyboard
  • Great for saving leftover booze!
  • Suitable for any standard wine bottle

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Product Description

'Save' your uncorked wine with these fantastic Caps Lock bottle tops! The pack contains three high-quality bottle stoppers, each with a different computer function:

  • End
  • Save
  • Esc

Of course, they aren't really taken from a computer keyboard - they're made specifically to seal up your leftover plonk and keep it fresh for the next boozy gathering!


How to Use:

  1. Open a bottle of wine.
  2. Drink some of the wine, but don't finish the bottle!
  3. Since you can't force the cork back in, put one of the <strong>Caps Lock</strong> bottle stoppers in the neck of the bottle to seal it up.