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Army Man Garden Gnome

Army Man Garden Gnome

I love the smell of fertiliser in the morning!

Turn your garden into a battleground with this awesome little Army Gnome! He looks just like the green army men that everyone used to play with - he even has his own bazooka!

We recommend buying a few of them and making them fight your Garden Gnome Massacre monster for control of the lawn!

Key Features:
  • Green army man design
  • Liven up your crummy old lawn
  • 20 times cooler than your mum's garden gnomes

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Product Description

Did you ever play with those little green army men as a child? Yeah? Well, how would you like to inject a bit of that fun into your boring back garden? The Army Garden Gnome is an awesome alternative to the usual garden ornaments - why not buy a few and make them fight?

Re-enact the army man wars of your youth!