Good morning Gadget lovers, and welcome to another morning of a super festive deal! Today for our 12 Days of Christmas deal, we are reducing the prices of some of our favourite earphones, by a big 15%! The deal includes, the Zip Style Earphones, Incredible Hulk EarphonesWolverine Earphones, Iron Man Earphones and Captain America Earphones! So if you are a huge Marvel Comics fan or know someone that is, these really make the best Christmas stocking fillers! Or if you are constantly getting your earphone wires in a knot, the Zip Style Earphones are a must! 

This deal is running until 10am on Monday morning, so make sure you make use of this awesome deal while you can! Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled next week for even better deals for our 12 Days of Christmas! 

Everyone loves a Jagerbomb, they are essential for any night out and for parties! That is why, you need one of our Jagerbomb glasses sets! They come in a range of colours, and are the perfect cup for parties since they are brightly coloured and can be re-used once washed. View our range of Jagerbomb glasses here, there is something for everyone! 

So to get you in the mood, we are going to tell you about some of our favourite drinking games, that you can use your new Jagerbomb cups with! First up is the drinking game Veggies! This is a hilarious game to play when you and your friends get together! Everybody sits in a circle, and has a vegetable name e.g brocoli, carrot, celery. You go round in the circle saying your vegetable name. Sounds easy right? Except, you are not allowed to show your teeth while you are playing! If at any time you are caught showing your teeth, you have to drink! This game is great for some laughs, you will definitely have a good time playing this drinking game! 

Then there is the classic game of I've Never, you've heard of it before right? Well, if you haven't we'll tell you how it works! It is such a simple game, and a great way to get to know one another and break the ice. It starts with someone saying 'I have never...'. The person says something that they have supposedly never done, and then if the others have done it they drink. It is very funny when you try to be creative with it, and if you are lucky enough to know something that someone has done it is wise to use that to embarass them! A silly example would be 'I have never eaten cereal before', and anyone who has eaten cereal drinks! This is the perfect way to find out things about your mates that you never knew! If you say 'I have never...' and nobody drinks, then you must finish your drink! 

Hopefully we have inspired you to play some awesome drinking games, with your new Jagerbomb cups! Please remember to drink responsibly! 

With all the rush around Christmas you need to make sure you take a break now and then. This is all too easy when you have some of the Take a Break products! 

The Take a Break Mug is ideal when you've had a long tiring day of Christmas shopping and all you want to do is get home, sit on the sofa, watch your favourite film and have a cuppa. If you're going to be having a cuppa, you're going to need the Take A Break - Four Coasters! These eye-catching coasters are the perfect way to prevent a surface staining emergency and since there are four, there are plenty to go around! We also have the Take A Break - Food Tin [no longer available]. It is the perfect container for your biscuits, sweets or any other food you fancy putting in there and looks just like one of those 'In Case of Emergency' alarms that you probably remember well from your school days!

All of the Take a Break products are perfect for Christmas stocking fillers, and Christmas presents! 

Every Friday here at Gadget Inspector we launch a Deal of the Week! Seeing as we only have two days left until this awesome deal runs out, we thought we would tell you a little more about it! Since the Man of Steel film has recently been released, we chose a bunch of Superman goodies to be reduced in price to celebrate! 

Everyone needs a wallet, so why not treat yourself to the awesome Boxed Superman Wallet? This wallet is emblazoned with the very famous Superman logo, and is ideal for keeping your cash and cards safe! If you have a wallet, you're going to need a bag. With the Retro Superman Bag you can keep all of your important possessions with you at all times! Our final reduced product is extremely useful, especially if you struggle to get yourself up in the morning! The Superman Alarm Clock is an essential! 

These deals are definitely something you don't want to miss out on! What are you waiting for? Get yours while you can! 

Now that the amazing Hangover III is out on DVD, we thought we would tell you about our favourite drinking gadgets on Gadget Inspector! If you're throwing a party, or hosting an epic pre-drinks, the Syringe Shooters are must have accessories! Squirt your liqour of choice directly into your mouth with the syringe! It's never a good night if you don't have a jagerbomb! The Bomber Gift Pack is a must have since they are the perfect cup to drink jagerbombs from, and are re-usable!

It is always very frustrating when you leave half a bottle of wine in the fridge after a few drinks, and someone else finishes your bottle off without asking you! With the Combination Bottle Lock, no one can get into your drink without your permission! It is pretty simple, the lock in the top of your bottle has a four-digit combination that only you will know, resulting in you being able to leave your drink unattended! 

If none of these awesome products take your fancy, check out the rest of our drinking accessories here. Please remember to always drink responsibly!